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The Brightest One - Blood Angels Primarch

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The Brightest One is a highly detailed 3d Print that proxies Sanguinius before his demise defending the Emperor of Mankind during the Battle of Terra near the end of Horus Heresy

Resplendent in glittering armor, shrouded in white wings, Sanguinius was the noblest of the Primarchs in the physical aspect. Proud and resolute he inspires confidence in all that surrounds him, clearing every shadow of doubt beneath his light.

The Angel would lead the IXth Legion, the Blood Angels, which was formed not only for the Primarch offspring created by the Emperor on earth but also from his best warriors in Baal, which fought bravely defending the Emperor on the Great Crusade.

Product Description:

  • Printed in High-Quality PLA Resin to withstand your Wargaming experience;
  • Available in 3 sizes (eyes to feet): Primach (55mm) Collector (70mm) Pro-Painter (100mm);
  • Contains 14 separate parts;
  • This model provided unassembled and unpainted.
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