About us

Mystic Wargames 3D Prints

Who we are:

Mystic Wargames is a Small Business, based out of Lisbon, Portugal. Our Objective is to support creators of quality 3D Prints for Wargames, RPG, and Collector alike.

3D Printing has open the door for creative designs to design their own miniatures and serve the Miniature Market without a huge cost, but quality 3D printing is still expensive, so Mystic Wargames allows you to have this great content printed and delivered right to your door.

We proudly support the creators so, all content available on Mystic Wargames is commercially licensed. It the category page of each creator you will also find information on how to support each creator if you want to help them grow and create more content.

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Terms of Service

  1. All orders are printed to order. This means that the item you purchase will need to be produced after payment confirmation;
  2. Upon payment confirmation, you will receive an email with information on when we expect your order to be shipped. In case this will take more than 5 Business days, we will wait for your confirmation before moving your order into the production queue. If you decide not to wait, your order will be fully refunded;
  3. Once complete we will ship the order to your address as specified below:
    • Order will be shipped by CTT Register Post. This is a trackable sign-for service. You can always track your order here.
    • We ship worldwide, the shipping cost is automatically calculated on your basket.
    • We offer Free Shipping in Europe for orders above 50€ and worldwide above 100€. Special products may have free shipping.
    • Mystic Wargames ships out of Lisbon, Portugal. The buyer is responsible for any customs fees if you are based outside the European Union.
  4. Once the order is shipped you will receive an email with the Tracking ID and information on how to track your order.
  5. You have 14 days upon delivery to submit any complaints or request a refund, please use our support page.
  6. We will analyze complaints on a case by case basis, however, we are happy to send you replacement parts in case of damages or quality check.
  7. Please note that all the images in our product gallery are digital renders of 3d Objects, due to the nature of the 3d print process the results may vary but not in any material way.
  8. Our models are supplied unassemble and unpainted. Most models are multipart which may requires some modeling skills to assamble.